2020 Impact Report

Our People + Org Health + Financials

Our People

Of the team members we’ve been lucky to have work with us over the past year 70.6% were born outside Australia, 47.1% identified as female, 0% non-binary and 52.9% male. As part of our quarterly engagement survey, all staff were asked to rate their feelings about different aspects of the organisation, on a scale from 1-5. View the results to the left.

Policies + Procedures

We spent the first few months of the year learning all about how to update our existing workplace policies and create new ones.

This led to us to engage Hueman Equity Consulting to review our policies and processes and make recommendations on what we could do better in relation to Diversity and Inclusion specifically. Hueman also created an amazing Cultural Competency Trello for us, to which we added an epic reading list informed by members of our community.

To view a full list of all of our open source policies head to our Handbook.

2020 has brought to light that just as we dedicated time and efforts to the aforementioned policies and procedures we also need to actively engage in a BIPOC Strategy and set ourselves clear pathways forward in order make our organisation, civic tech at large, and the world in general a better place. We’re starting in true Code for Australia style, with a lot of research…. and a Reconciliation Action Plan — watch this space.

Gender Equity Policy

During the course of researching, revising and rewriting existing policies and procedures, it became clear to us that some were missing entirely. The first new dedicated policy we decided to tackle was our Gender Equity policy.

We acknowledge that tech as an industry has a long way to go in terms of paying men and women equally, and creating equitable opportunities.

In 2020, our male employees worked 26.97% more hours than women employees and men were paid an average of 8.57% more per hour than women employees. Our goal is to eliminate these gaps, starting with a 50% reduction in 2021.

Carbon Emissons

We’ve maintained and added features to our open-source Carbon Calculator. The purpose of the tool is to understand how our core activities impact the environment, and we’re now offsetting 100% of them on an annual basis. More info here in blog format.

As a result of COVID-related reduced travel (both interstate and to and from work) we surpassed our goals for the year. The emissions we did emit were offset using Carbon Positive Australia.

Organisational Expenses

As well as being a certified B Corporation, we also operate as a not-for-profit entity — in that, we have no shareholders, and all of our revenue and funding goes entirely towards employee salaries and the delivery of our programs. The main points of difference between this year and last was that 2020 saw a three-person Base Team all year ’round! This accounts for the increased percentage as compared to last year. The other point of difference is the lack of ‘entertainment’ expenses as we weren’t able to hold our regular team lunches and social events during COVID-19.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at where our money went for FY19-20. You can also see comparisons to our last two financial years here.

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As an organisation we benefit from the rich history of contributions that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have made to the world.

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