Civic Makers

A community-led event that brings government, not-for-profits and makers together to work on problems in our neighbourhoods

What Is Civic Makers?

Civic Makers is a series of events that bring people, government and not-for-profits together to collaboratively work on things that matter.

Here are the pillars of Civic Makers, which were co-created with participants.

Making a Difference

Everyone puts their skills into action, whatever those skills happen to be

Working Together

We value collaboration amongst cross-sector and cross-discipline teams

Social Good

We’re mindful of intent and how we work to create social impact around us

Learning New Things

We’re a community of learners – we all have something to give and take

Tangible Outcomes

We focus our time on producing tangible things, in many different forms

Civic Makers is an open forum for anyone to come and connect with the people, resources and support they need to create change in their city.

Passionate about volunteering your time and skills for good? Have a community-focussed project that you think could benefit from some outside thinking? Just like meeting good people while eating good food? Civic Makers is the place for you.

Common Questions


What are the goals of the Civic Makers?

Civic Makers seeks to give people the space and resources they need to collaborate with others, and to create things for the public good.

Sometimes this involves tech, sometimes community organising, sometimes it’s just talking about and understanding problems from different points of view. We see these all as beneficial outcomes of Civic Makers.


Is it just in Melbourne?

Civic Makers is relatively new, having only launched in May 2019. We’re treating the first twelve months of making in Melbourne as a pilot to figure out what works and what doesn’t before we venture to other cities.

We’ve heard whispers of people interested in Brisbane and Sydney already, so stay tuned, or say hello if you’d like to be involved in bringing it to a town near you.


How can I get involved?

We’re open to everyone – all you need to do is show up! Worried that you won’t know what to do when you’re there? Don’t worry, we have friendly facilitators helping everyone find their niche in an area that interests them.


Like all Code for Australia events, we have a strict Code of Conduct that makes sure our spaces are safe for everyone to participate.


Do I need to be technical?

Nope. We consciously decided to exclude anything to do with tech in our name, because we know that sometimes the best solutions to problems aren’t technical. We welcome everyone, with whatever skills you happen to have. Everyone has something to contribute.


How is this funded?

We are very lucky to have funding for our first twelve months from the Telematics Trust, which covers the food for our events and a small amount for supplies and resources.

We’re lucky to have a community of friends who host us, and a volunteer organising team who help run each event too.

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