Civic Makers

A volunteer-led program that works on solving problems in our world, all through the lens of civic tech

What Is Civic Makers?

Civic Makers is a volunteer-led program run by Code for Australia, that brings people together to say, “how can we make our communities better?” We do this through the lens of civic tech. Essentially, we’re looking at engaging in projects involving collaboration between technologists, and anyone with some skills or an idea to solve civic problems.

Social Good

We’re mindful of intent and how we work to create social impact around us

Learning New Things

We’re a community of learners – we all have something to give and take

Working Together

We value collaboration across sectors and disiplines.

Tangible Outcomes

We focus our time on producing tangible things, in many different forms

Making a Difference

Everyone puts their skills into action, whatever those skills happen to be

Current Project

Using data collected from They Vote For You, we’re building a website that tells the story of climate change policy in Australia, utilising data visualisation, storytelling, and civic engagement. Find out more by watching the video from our first session.

Common Questions


I can’t come to every session - what’s the best way for me to contribute?

That’s a-okay! There are opportunities to join in for a session at a time if you’re just dipping a toe, or to volunteer time when you have it. We also have full days (on weekends) where anyone who wants to can collaborate on the project. All we ask is that if you put your hand up to do something you fulfil that promise, or let us know you’re not able to. Simple!



What are the goals of the Civic Makers?

Civic Makers seeks to give people the space and resources they need to collaborate with others, and to create things for the public good through the lens of civic tech.


Is it just in Melbourne?

We’re currently running all our sessions online! We currently have people from three states involved. You can attend by RSVPing at this MeetUp link.


How can I get involved?

  1. Jump on Code for Australia’s Slack Channel and join the #civic-makers channel. That’s where we post about all out meetings and goings-on.
  2. Once you’re in the Slack channel, join our public Trello Board — this is where all our tasks will live.
  3. Fill in our Skills Register — so we can find out how you’d like to be involved.
  4. Come to our meetings. They’re all set up via this MeetUp.  

Do I need to be technical?

Not at all. We welcome everyone – writers, organisers, project managers as well as technically minded folks. Whatever skills you happen to have can be utilised – that’s the beauty of civic tech. 


How is this funded?

Currently, the administration of Civic Makers is very lucky to be funded by a grant from the Telematics Trust. We see this remaining the status quo for a while at least. This money goes towards things like software, hosting, and any other expenses associated with getting a project off the ground. 


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