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We believe that change can only happen when all of us, regardless of where we come from, come together. Here’s how you can play a part.

Join The Community

If you’re looking for people to collaborate with, articles and resources about civic tech in Australia, or new and emerging technology, our Slack Team is where you’ll find it.

Hang Out With Us

We run and participate in events that bring the private and public sectors together, in communities across Australia. Check out our events to see where we’ll next be.

Become a Mentor

We encourage everyone to establish a network of professional mentors. If you have something to contribute to our team of technologists and civic tech makers – say hello!


Spread The Word

The world of civic tech needs more good news stories. Help us spread the word about work worth doing. Not sure where to look? Check out our blog and social feeds.

Create Something Open

Good things happen when data and software is opened for all to learn from and engage with. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out our tools below or ask our community on Slack.

Follow Someone's Footsteps

Everything we create is open for all to use. We encourage you to use the resources below, learn from our lessons and create something new with it. We’d love to see what you make.

Our Slack Team

Slack is a real time messaging tool we use to communicate and collaborate with our partners and community. The Code for Australia Team is open for anyone to join, contribute to conversations and make new alliances.

Our GitHub

GitHub is a development platform that lets you host and review code, manage projects, and build software alongside millions of other developers.

We use GitHub to create and store all our open source code.

Our Trello Boards

Trello is a visual collaboration tool that helps us organise our thoughts, learn from past experiences, plan our work and delegate our tasks. Many of our boards are open for all to browse and take inspiration from.

Where To From Here

Not sure where your skills are needed? Answer a few questions to find out the ways we make things together.

Common Questions


I'm working on something and looking for help - can you connect me to people and resources?

Chances are there’s someone in our community who can! Jump on our Slack team, introduce yourself to the community and ask away for whatever you need.

Where can I find more information about civic tech projects?

You can find all of our projects and case studies listed over on our projects page. There’s plenty else happening out there though – check out our open projects board, or our social media for links and articles about good work happening all over the world.


What is Code for All?

Code for All is a network of organizations who believe that digital technology opens new channels for citizens to more meaningfully engage in the public sphere and have a positive impact on their communities. Along with Code for Africa, Code for America and a dozen others, we’re part of this network and are proud to be contributing to big things.

I have another question...

That’s awesome! We love hearing questions and suggestions from people. Feel free to shoot through an email to us via our contact page or via Typeform here.


I'm interested in getting involved somehow, what do I do?

That’s great to hear! There’s a place for everyone in our community of change-makers. We’ve made a little quiz to help folks find where they might be a good fit. If that’s not your cup of tea, drop us an email to let us know you’re interested and we’ll go from there!


I don't know anything about civic tech, is this the place for me?

Of course. We have a vibrant community of civic changemakers, developers, designers and innovators who are open to any questions you might have. Our Slack team is also a great place to sit back and absorb interesting articles and resources from the community too.

What is Code for Victoria and how is it different from Code for Australia?

Code for Victoria was a program funded by the Public Sector Innovation Fund, which supported six Fellowship teams across Victorian departments and agencies over 2016 – 2017. For more information on the program, check out this article, or the case studies. You will also find the all of the talented people involved on our Slack Team.

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We're based in Melbourne, on the traditional lands of the Woiwurrung and Boon Wurrung peoples of the Kulin nation.

We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded and pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging across Australia.

As an organisation we benefit from the rich history of contributions that Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people have made to the world.

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