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We’re starting a new chapter at Code for Australia; an ambitious, optimistic and fun plan to make government services and processes better.
We’re looking for a empathetic and charismatic human to help us deliver our new strategy. Here’s what a day in the life of Code for Australia’s Delivery Lead would look like – after a superb coffee of course.

Code for Australia Fellows: Hey, we’re super excited to be doing Open House this week. Anything we need to prepare?

You: We are pumped! I’ve ordered bagels – they’re amazing. No need to prepare anything – Base Team is presenting this time.

Code for Australia Fellows: Yum! Ok, it’s going to be great to hear from Matt on the new strategy for the organisation.

You: Very exciting. On a different note, are we still okay to have our retro tomorrow?

Code for Australia Fellows: Yep!

You: Awesome, see you then.

Code for Australia Fellows: We heard there’s a new Fellowship starting. My buddy is keen to apply – can I put her in touch with you?

You: You’re right and totally! We’re looking for people with data-science experience and developers. Thanks heaps.

You: I have a direct message from one of the Fellows asking for help with a government host.

Base Team: Urgent?

You: No. I’ve steered them towards solving as a team. If they can’t, I’ll step in.

Base Team: Thanks for flagging.

You: I’m thinking of asking Fellows to write a mid-Fellowship “lessons so far” blog post, what do we think?

Base Team: Awesome idea, go for it!

You: It’ll be a great way to share with our Government Hosts what our experience has been so far working with them.

Base Team: Totally, also something they might be able to use when onboarding other teams.

You: Also, none of the Fellows have used their project budget so I’m gonna nudge them and see if they want to enrol on a course that’s running next week.

Base Team: Or have a team outing?

You: Why not?

You: We’re thinking of publishing some of the design guides we created with the team. Is there anyone that we need to talk to to organise a media release?

Government Host: Our comms team will definitely have to have a look before publishing anything. I’ll put you in touch. Fingers crossed they’re happy to do it. Great idea!

You: I’m sure they will be useful to so many people within the organisation, but also across the sector, and we want to showcase you’re doing great work.

Government Host: Cool, I’ll put you in touch.

Applications for this position have now closed.

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