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Use your skills to directly impact everyday people’s lives and transform government from the inside out

The Opportunity

The Code for Australia Fellowship is a 6 month, outcomes-based paid role for experienced technologists and service designers. Each team is made up of three people, who work alongside entrepreneurial teams in government, designing and developing digital services for those who need it most.

We’re looking for Service Designers and Web Developers for two separate opportunities in Sydney. One team will be working alongside Service NSW, while another will be working with Digital NSW.

Both Fellowships will start on 4th March 2019, are located in Sydney CBD and involve new ways of thinking about digital services. 

Our Values

We’re not an ordinary workplace. We work quickly, in an agile way and are optimistic about having a positive impact in everything that we do.

We work in the open and have clear values that guide how we treat each other.

If you want more detail on what it means to be a Code for Australia Fellow, check out our Ambassador Guidebook or discover first hand from Fellows past and present.

Diversity at our core
Our work is based on the belief that the problems we face cannot be solved unless a greater number and diversity of people become involved in civic life and have input into critical community issues. The current situation – where few participate and public institutions don’t reflect the interests or demographics of the people they serve – is a dead end. Reinventing government for the 21st Century can only happen if new ideas and priorities can gain a purchase in the public sector, and that won’t happen without broadening the spectrum of people who have a hand in shaping public life.
Diversity in our teams

One of the key reasons that governments are failing to adequately meet the needs of their residents is that they don’t represent the diversity of the communities they serve. Without a mix of perspectives inside government, and input that includes the range of views found in the community, crucial ideas for improving government will be lost or ignored and decisions will continue to serve those at the decision-making table at the expense of groups that have traditionally been excluded: principally people of colour, the underserved, women, young people, people with disabilities, immigrants, and LGBTQI individuals. Both during our engagements with governments and other public institutions, and through the applications that we develop to help solve civic problems, we seek to bring diverse voices into the public discussion of community goals and reforms.

Diversity in the wider community
It’s no secret that the technology sector struggles to hire teams that are representative of the Australian population, leaving groups of people excluded from designing and making services. As technology influences an increasing amount of our lives, and provides an increasing percentage of living-wage jobs, we’ve made it out mission to open up opportunities for members of underrepresented groups in the technology workforce and among its leadership. Code for Australia actively recruits and supports women, people of colour and members of other underserved groups in our Fellowship, giving them a platform to become tech and civic leaders.
Diversity in our organisation

A diverse team is essential to fulfilling our goal of making Code for Australia look like and represent Australia. We strive to include a full range of voices as we explore solutions to civic problems with our partner communities and institutions, and critical to that endeavour is having diverse perspectives represented on our team. Consistent with this goal, Code for Australia does not discriminate against any person on any basis including, but not limited to, gender and gender expression, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin, religion or disability.

“Everyone really wants to make a difference so it brings a lot of energy. It’s a great opportunity to share your skills but at the same time, acquire a lot of new skills.”

Irina Anastasiu, Fellow, Moreton Bay Regional Council

Common Questions


When does this Fellowship start?

We’re looking to kick off both projects on 4th March 2019. If you’re currently looking for opportunities, we’d love to hear from you.


Where will I be based?

Fellows are based where their respective government partner is located – in this case Sydney CBD, NSW.  Your first week is with everyone together in Sydney for an immersive induction. Once you’re underway, we’ll fly you to Melbourne to be with the rest of the team every six weeks or so.


Is this a volunteer thing?

Definitely not – Fellowships are a paid opportunity.

I already have a job - can I be a Fellow?

Some of our Fellows have taken secondment or sabbatical opportunities from organisations with flexible working practices. It’s usually a HR or senior management call. Here is something you may want to use.

Who are Fellows?

Fellows are mission-driven digital professionals with experience in web development, service design, user experience, user research and product development.

Fellows work in a self-managed, multi-disciplinary team. This means we look for people who are self-aware, curious, entrepreneurial, and have a demonstrated commitment to teamwork and respectful communication. We welcome and support people from traditionally underrepresented communities.


Are there any preferences given to applicants?

Supporting local communities is central to our theory of change, so we will give preference to applicants who are currently living in Sydney, or intend to live there for an extended period.

We also give preference to people who have been active in the Code for Australia community or have worked with us on any past programs, because without them we wouldn’t be here today.


How do I apply?

Complete the form below to apply for this opportunity. The application asks for basic information, a few questions about your interest in becoming a Fellow and about your background. We’ll use this to work out if you look good on paper. Should you pass this first round, we will contact you to do a skills assessment and interview.

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