Canterbury Bankstown City Council – Closing the Loop On Waste

PROGRAM:  Fellowship 

PARTNERS: Canterbury Bankstown City Council


FELLOWS: Maddie Druce, Alex Reid, Russell Johnson-Bade

DESCRIPTION: Our partners at CB City were undertaking a groundbreaking Smart Cities project called “Closing the Loop on Waste”. By embedding sensors at every step of the waste management journey, council gained access to a wealth of data to help them identify, analyse and update residents about issues in real time.

In order for their Customer Service team to get the most out of this model, there was a need to consolidate new and legacy systems into a unified interface.

Previously, significant time was spent looking up and logging data in multiple applications. The “dashboard” our Fellows built enables the Customer Service team to easily share information with residents, and speed up service calls.

CB City used a Code for Australia Fellowship to design and deliver the Customer Service Dashboard in a short timeframe, and to build capability in their own team by demonstrating new design and development practices.

User research and testing of a functional prototype with staff ensured the software would meet their needs.

In addition to the Dashboard, the APIs developed by the team have already been used as the foundation for further applications developed at CB City.

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