PROGRAM:  Fellowship

PARTNERS: City of Melbourne

STAGE: In development

FELLOWS: Kyreena Hay, Victor Nava and Jonathan Castillo Bello

DESCRIPTION: GovCore is an experimental, open-source platform that gives local governments all the tools they need to run councils effectively.

It tries to address these problems: 

  • Satisfying audit requirements
  • Supporting flexibility and continuous improvement
  • Resilience and scale in deployment options
  • Onboarding new functions and organisations (data migration)
  • Managing attachments like images, documents and records
  • Embedding spatial mapping
  • Managing roles and responsibilities
  • Adopting international and industry standards
  • Satisfying records management obligations

The project won three awards at the MAV Technology Awards for Excellence: strategy and planning achievement of the year, Victorian achievement of the year, and Australian achievement of the year. Check out a news piece here, the code here or view some of the prototypes for GovAuth, the first piece of GovCore, here.