PROGRAM:  Fellowship

PARTNERS:  Victoria Legal Aid

FELLOWS: Rikke Winther-Sørensen, Christian Arévalo and Michael Calle


DESCRIPTION: ORBIT is an online, referral, booking and information tool that helps staff and volunteers make accurate referrals across the legal assistance sector in Victoria. The tool has catalogued all VLA front-line services, the vast majority of CLC services and common non-legal services. It has the functionality to be an aid to triage, to guide inexperienced and experienced users alike to interrogate a legal matter and client circumstances appropriately.

Staff and volunteers can use the tool from their web browser to match people with the best service based on location, eligibility and problem type. They can easily share information about the referral to the client by SMS and email. For VLA offices it is possible to share appointment availability and have other VLA offices book clients directly into a centralised calendar.

View the code on GitHub here.