Planned Burns Map


PROGRAM:  Fellowship

PARTNERS:  Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

FELLOWS: Diana Ramirez, Arnham Markac and Kasra Majbouri

STAGE: In development

DESCRIPTION: The Department currently has 3 separate maps; 24 hour outlook, 10 day planned burns and 1 year planned burn, as well as a notification system. Users find it increasingly difficult to navigate between the 4 separate pages, as well as having no profile features to set multiple warnings for their area

This project sought to create a functional prototype that would assist the department to communicate stages of planned burns with a user-friendly and accessible mapping tool. The tool would provide allow the community to prepare for burns around their locations, as well as an include information about the reasons behind burns.

Check out the code here, the prototype here, or find out more on the team blog.