Tech For Non Tech

A one day workshop that demystifies the internet and empowers decision-makers of today to embrace digital fully

How It Works

Tech for Non Tech is a program designed to help non-technical people deepen their understanding of web development, as well as how to work amazingly with developers.

Technology Basics

No question is too small. You’ll walk away with a holistic view of big picture trends and the nitty-gritty of daily process.

Language + Concepts

You’ll walk away more confident in your ability to understand terminology, and the way tech teams and tech businesses work.

Tech Relationships

Developers don’t create software – teams do. You’ll develop an understanding of how to work effectively with technical people.


Being able to speak the right language with their either in-house or third party technical people is important. This could have a wide applicability to a very broad range of council staff.

Debbie Jones, Municipal Association of Victoria

What To Expect

We’ll help you gain a foothold into the world behind the internet.

Here are some of the things you can expect us to cover.


Why do technical projects take ten times longer than expected?

Understand technical product planning and life cycle, technical debt, and the strings behind the buttons you push.


What's the optimal way of working with programmers and tech teams?

Learn to work well with your technical colleagues with engineering empathy. Get inside tech culture and why autonomy, mastery and purpose are so important to technical folk.


What do I need to know about proposing and undertaking a tech project?

Understand information architecture, web development economics, progressive enhancement. Deeply understand behaviour driven development and user testing.


What's inside the magic black box?

Get a working picture of technical languages and processes. Learn your forks from your servers, know your databases from your APIs. Figure out what coding languages should be used for your next project.


What is happening in the world of tech?

Understand the war between coding languages and what this means about technical people and projects. Get a grasp on what the digital future might hold and ensure you won’t be left behind.


What is open source software and why is everyone talking about it?

Learn about open source software – the hype, the strengths and the weaknesses. Plus, understand the differences between software licenses and when to use them.

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What Makes Us Unique

I didn’t really understand what it was that was the problem. But I do now, and it’s a revelation. I’m having much more informed conversations with my IT director, and with my director of our digital strategy.

Keryn Negri

CEO, Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

I understood things that I didn’t really quite understand before, and you know, that’s quite empowering. Understanding those basic concepts then allows you to build from a base.

Brian Wearne

General Manager of the Information and Dispute Services Centre, Consumer Affairs Victoria

Our Alumni

We’re proud to have worked with participants from agencies, departments and businesses across Australia.

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